Bubble Wrap, Bubble Size: Large, 50M

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Bubble Wrap, Bubble Size: Large, 50M

  • Size: Length 5000CM x Width 34CM, Bubble Size: 3.5CM
  • Bubble cushioning wrap for moving, shipping, or storing with confidence; ideal for home or business.
  • Provides consistent coverage and enhanced protection against breakage, dents and dings; ideal for fragile, heavy or oddly shaped items
  • Easy to tear, perforated every 25cm for easily tearing the needed amount off the roll
  • Perfect for wrapping and protecting fragile items.

  • Size: Length 5000CM x Width 34CM
  • Packing materials for fragile items: This Bubble Cushioning Wrap Roll acts as added protection and cushioning by cradling your products and absorbing any shock, vibration, scratches and dings.
  • Perfect for Storage, Moving and Shipping: Protection for your fragile and delicate items such as dishes, collectibles, glass. This packing wrap can be used for wrapping furniture edges to prevent scratches during moving / shipping. Safe for protecting electronics and small appliances as well.
  • Perforated every 25cm: This Packing Bubble Cushioning Wrap comes with pre easy cross-cut tear where it allow convenient and flexibility to complete your job faster. No need for scissors, simply tear and use as needed.

Bubble wrap is essential to households, in as much as the only reason that comes to mind when you think about moving is a roll of bubble wrap, it sure has so many uses around the house.

  • Safely packing fragile items when moving.

A roll of Bubble wraps comes in handy when you are moving and need to keep your fragile glass, jars, bottles or fine china from breaking or cracking. The air pockets act as a cushion to protect them from breaking especially during unexpected movement where they can break due to shock.

  • Protecting surfaces from scrapes and scratches.

When storing things in your tool box, line the surface with bubble wrap to protect the surface from scrapes. This also applies to your drawers that you need protecting from scratches especially where you store cutlery and jewelry.

  • Helps keep things in shape

Things like shoes, bags and handbags tend to lose their original shape if stored and not used in a long while. Cut out bubble wrap and stuff it in your shoes or handbag and help maintain their shape.

  • Ceramics Storage. 

Ceramics brush against each other when stored together especially when they are stacked together. Cut out a roll of bubble wrap and place on top of each ceramic plate before stacking up.

  • Bubble wrap protects your furniture from dust

Cover your furniture with bubble wrap especially when traveling for a long period to protect from dust and dirt.

  • Bubble wrap protects plants from frost

Small plants do not do well in harsh weather conditions, especially too much wind and rain. Loosely wrap a sheet of bubblewrap on the plant to avoid wind and rain from destroying them. The bubble wrap also helps in maintaining optimal temperatures by trapping warmth in the air pockets and slowly releasing it. Lining greenhouses with bubble wraps is also economical and an effective way to trap light, warmth and moisture which can be used later by seedlings.

  • Acts as an insulator during cold seasons. 

Sometimes, especially during the cold seasons or at night the cold doesn’t seem to go away even after turning on the heater or taking a big mug of hot chocolate. A sheet of bubble wrap, placed on your window and firmly fixed with glue or tape can help trap the heat inside the house and maintain warm temperatures.

  • Maintains food temperatures

A small piece of bubble wrap can help maintain the temperature of your coffee or lunch till it’s time to devour the meal.  You can also line your reusable shopping bags with bubble wrap and enjoy your frozen yogurt after your shopping.The air pockets trap the coldness from the food and in return helps keep the food stuffs within the temperature you got them in.

  • Bubble wrap helps keep fruits fresh in the fridge

Fruits like pears, strawberries and raspberries are prone to bruising especially when they hit the plastic fridge drawers. Line the drawers with a sheet of bubble wrap and place the fruits on top of the sheet to help keep them fresh and aesthetic.

  • Bubble Wrap adds extra comfort during camping

Lining your sleeping bag with bubble wrap helps maintain extra heat and also helps the sleeping bag to be a bit comfy than when used on a bare surface.

  • Pad your knees

Place a piece of Bubble wrap when gardening or kneeling to clean or do any other work that may require you to be on your knees. This helps to protect your knees from scraping and scratching.

  • Pad your handles to protect your hands

Friction may cause your hands to get blisters and calluses. Sometimes handles, especially those frequently handled, may cause painful calluses. Pad the handles with a sheet of Bubble wrap and some tape.

  • Line edges with Bubble wrap to protect toddlers. 

Furniture may have rough edges especially under them or on the edges. Line up the edges with bubble wrap and protect these little ones from bruising and hurting themselves. You can line up tall doors too to avoid accidents caused when little ones try to put their fingers inside the spaces.

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