Bubble Wrap, Bubble Size: Small, 50M (W:40CM)

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Bubble Wrap, Bubble Size: Small, 50M (W:40CM)

  • Size: Length 50Meters x Width 40CM, Bubble Size: 2CM
  • Bubble cushioning wrap for moving, shipping, or storing with confidence; ideal for home or business.
  • Provides consistent coverage and enhanced protection against breakage, dents and dings; ideal for fragile, heavy or oddly shaped items
  • Perfect for wrapping and protecting fragile items.


Bubble wrap, with its satisfying pops and protective air pockets, is a familiar sight in households around the world. But its uses extend far beyond just packing fragile items for moving. This versatile material offers a surprising range of benefits, making it a valuable tool for protecting belongings, maintaining comfort, and even keeping things fresh.

Superior Protection for Moving and Storage

  • Safeguarding Fragile Items: When it comes to moving, bubble wrap is the go-to solution for securing your delicate possessions. The air bubbles act as a cushion, absorbing shock and vibration that could cause cracks or breakage. Whether you’re packing dishes, collectibles, or glassware, bubble wrap provides the peace of mind you need during transport.
  • Preserving Furniture: Bubble wrap isn’t just for breakables. It’s excellent for safeguarding furniture edges from scratches and dings during moves or storage. Simply wrap vulnerable areas to prevent damage.
  • Electronics and Appliances: Even delicate electronics and small appliances can benefit from bubble wrap’s cushioning properties. Wrap them securely to minimize the risk of damage during relocation.

Convenience and Efficiency

  • Pre-perforated for Easy Use: Many bubble wrap rolls come pre-perforated at regular intervals, allowing for tear-away ease. This eliminates the need for scissors and streamlines the packing process.

Beyond Moving: Unexpected Uses for Bubble Wrap

  • Storage Solutions: Bubble wrap isn’t just for packing boxes. Here are some clever storage applications:
    • Tool Box Protection: Line your toolbox drawers with bubble wrap to prevent tools from scratching delicate surfaces.
    • Drawers and Cutlery: Protect drawers from scratches, especially those used for storing cutlery or jewelry.
    • Maintaining Shape: Stuff handbags or shoes with bubble wrap to help them retain their original shape during storage.
  • Preserving Ceramics: Placing a sheet of bubble wrap between ceramic plates when stacking prevents them from rubbing against each other and chipping.
  • Furniture Protection: When traveling for extended periods, cover furniture with bubble wrap to safeguard it from dust and dirt.

Bubble Wrap: A Household Superhero

  • Plant Protection: For small plants susceptible to harsh weather, loosely wrap them in bubble wrap to shield them from wind and rain. The air pockets can also help maintain optimal temperatures by trapping warmth and releasing it gradually. Bubble wrap can even be used to line greenhouses, creating a cost-effective way to retain light, warmth, and moisture for seedlings.
  • Temperature Insulation: During chilly seasons, a sheet of bubble wrap applied to windows can act as an insulator. Secure it with tape to trap heat indoors and maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Food Temperature Control: A small piece of bubble wrap can help maintain the temperature of your hot beverages or lunch until you’re ready to enjoy them. Additionally, lining reusable shopping bags with bubble wrap allows you to bring home frozen groceries without them thawing prematurely.
  • Fridge Freshness: Bubble wrap can even help fruits like pears, strawberries, and raspberries stay fresh longer. Line your crisper drawers with a sheet to create a cushioned surface and prevent bruising.

Comfort and Safety Enhancements

  • Camping Comfort: Line your sleeping bag with bubble wrap for added warmth and comfort, especially on cold nights.
  • Knee Protection: Place a sheet of bubble wrap under your knees when gardening, cleaning, or performing any task that requires kneeling.
  • Handle Padding: Wrap frequently used handles with bubble wrap to prevent blisters and calluses caused by friction.
  • Toddler Safety: Line furniture edges or sharp corners with bubble wrap to create a safer environment for curious toddlers, preventing them from getting hurt.

From safeguarding your belongings during a move to keeping your coffee hot and your plants thriving, bubble wrap’s uses extend far beyond its traditional role. Its versatility, convenience, and protective properties make it a valuable addition to any household. So next time you reach for bubble wrap, remember – it’s a multi-talented hero ready to tackle a variety of tasks and keep your life a little easier.

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